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Bill (Billy Jack) Bruedigam songwriting projects.


I have written songs on and off most of my life, songs about my travels, the people I have known, the lives I have led, etc.. But, in June 2011 I decided I was going to write a new song every day for one year. Yep, 365 new songs in one year. I started out the first day, and kept it going for twenty one days, and loved every minute of it. But unforeseen circumstances in life stopped me cold on the 21st day. I enjoyed the process; each morning I would take a cup of tea, notepad, pencil and guitar out into the backyard and sit in the swing and begin. I took cues from the world around me to get started; a flock of birds flying through the sky, construction workers next door remodeling a house, etc.. By noon I was back in the studio doing some last minute tweaking on the song, then with the camera and mic already set up, I would hit record and go for it. Normally I would do about two takes, pick the one I liked the most, then upload it to YouTube to share with friends.

Someday I may do it again, go for the whole year, but for now I am very happy with the songs that came out of that project, and have since taken the time to tweak them more, learn them, get comfortable with them, re-record, etc..

So here I will share them with you. I call the genre either folk grunge, country grunge or road grunge.


By the way, yes, my name is actually Billy Jack, and yes, I did really hitch-hike, drive trucks and hop freight trains for many years of my life. The road and I are not strangers to each other.

The following collection of videos are samples from the song writing project.

"This Old Road" (music video)

"My Life Just Fell Apart" (music video)

"What Was Her Name?" (performance)

"Ruby of the Night" (performance)

"Stoneburg" (performance)

"Another Day, Anoter Dollar" (performance)

"Where I've Been" (performance)

"The Night That You Were Mine"



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