Sep 242013

Journey to Zoson CD Cover

The battle between good and evil; "Journey to Zoson" (the CD) is now available at Amazon. It has been remastered, and all new cover art throughout. You can buy the physical CD or digital downloads.

For those of you unfamilar with the CD, it is based on the book "Journey to Zoson" that is in the works. Journey to Zoson is part of the Zoson trilogy, "Journey to Zoson," "Beyond Zoson," and "Return to Zoson."

Here's the blurb from Amazon:


Journey to Zoson – An Instrumental/Musical Fantasy Story

In the mists of our ancient pasts, in the depths of our ancient souls, beyond the gates of Weirdwood, lies a land that is filled with wonder, the magic of nature is all around, and the illusions of Cathode do not control all things…

This is a place known by the ancients and those of us who remember, as Zoson, "The Land of the Morning Calm."

In this place, the Psychromancer's powers wane, unlike in the lands of Cathode. Most here know of him, and are able to ward off his dark magic, and defeat his Solfon; the dark soulless creatures who will steal your soul and cast you into the dark dead lands of Cathode.

You may ask why take such a the journey; a journey fraught with burdens, obstacles and much solitude? The answer is obvious; to be free of the realm that your world has become. Wherever you journey, life is an ongoing battle, but as long as you understand, as long as you continue your journey, the Psychromancer and his Solfon cannot take your soul, and if they cannot take your soul, they cannot survive.


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